Every year we offer two very special opportunities to gather together during “Holy Week” (the week before Easter) for worship.    

We invite you to make it your personal priority to attend both of these special midweek worship services, which will both begin at 7 p.m.    

The first will be held on Maundy Thursday (April 9th) ……this service will include a celebration of the Lord’s Supper).

The second takes place on April 10th, Good Friday.   It is know as a “Tennebrae” (Darkness) Worship Service.  It begins at 7:00 p.m.    This very traditional and deeply moving worship service  is usually held after sunset, and is developed around the reading of and commentary on the seven statements (words) of Christ while on the cross.   As the service progresses, at the conclusion of each of the seven commentary/readings the lights of the worship area are progressively dimmed until everything is completely darkened once Christ’s death is announced.   A “Resurrection Candle” is then lit and brought to the altar while a brief statement reminding the congregation that Christ has promised He will not remain in the grave, but will rise after three days is read.  The congregation then pauses for silent prayer and finally exits the worship area and church building in silence, meditating on all that God accomplished for us on that first Good Friday.