Celebrate Jesus’ death and resurrection with us

Join us for our Good Friday Commemoration of Jesus’ Death for us

Starting at 7 pm we’ll offer a unique and spiritually moving service developed around Jesus’ seven statements made while on the cross. “Tennebre” is the Latin word for “darkness,” and we’ll use the dramatic effect of progressively darkening the sanctuary during this service to emphasize the spiritual darkness of the world’s sin (and our own) the necessitated Christ’s death for us.

Celebrate Jesus’ Resurrection with us!

On Easter Sunday morning, at 9:30, we’ll celebrate Jesus’ resurrection through a special worship service or praise and thanksgiving. Your faith will grow as the precious gospel message of forgiveness and salvation through faith in Christ warms your heart and enriches your soul. It will be time well spent! 

Our Easter Egg Hunt and Brunch

We also invite you to join us, following the morning service, for a children’s egg hunt AND for our traditional Easter brunch (free for everyone)